How do I edit my Profile?

To edit your Profile, TAP on the Profile Function in the Side View Menu. The “MY PROFILE” Screen will appear.


The MY PROFILE Screen will show you the information that you are publishing in the Community Directory. The only initial information that appears, is your Name and Email Address, unless you choose to add additional information in the Optional fields.


To edit your Profile, TAP on the symbol of the pencil in the upper right side of the blue bar.



You have the option to add a Profile Photo, list your address, list your phone number(s) and write a brief description of yourself and/or your interest for other Homeowners in your Community to see.


Once you have added or deleted the information you choose to, TAP on the Save button in the upper right side of the blue bar. A popup will appear that says ‘Thank you. Your information was successfully updated’. TAP on the ‘OK’ and you will be taken back to the MY PROFILE Screen. Your updated information will now appear in the Community Directory.


To exit the MY PROFILE Screen, click on the symbol in the upper left in the blue bar. You will be taken to the Side View Menu.




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