Why can’t I login to the myHOA® or "Powered by myHOA®" software platform?

You may not be able to login because you haven’t registered your account, or you have been BANNED or REMOVE from your community.  If you have been BANNED, please refer to the "BANNED or REMOVED user account" article for more information.  If you need help logging in, please follow the information below:

The instructions to register your account are in the section title “REGISTRATION – Why am I having problems registering?”

  • To ACTIVATE your account, please go to the your inbox of the email address you used to register your myHOA® or "Powered by myHOA®" user account.
  • Once you have successfully registered your account, LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT using the username and password with which you have registered, to gain access to the myHOA® or "Powered by myHOA®" app or website
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