What are Settings in the myHOA® and "Powered by myHOA®" apps?

There are 2 ‘Settings’ that can be changed in the myHOA® app. These include; Font Size (Font size adjustment is for Android devices only, not available for iPhones) and Emergency Notifications.

Font Size (Android devices only, not available for iPhones) changes the size of the characters displayed on the myHOATM Screens. The Font can be set larger or smaller to make it easier for you to read the information displayed on the app screens.


Just SLIDE the little circle on the scale to change the font. SLIDE the circle toward the right to make the font appear larger. SLIDE the circle toward the left to make the font smaller.

To exit the FONT Screen, TAP on the < arrow in the upper left of the blue bar.

To enable or disable Emergency Notifications, TAP on the Emergency Notifications option on the SETTINGS Screen. A popup will appear that says ‘Notification’ (Android devices only). You will have the option to TAP on ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’. For iPhone devices, TAPPING on the “Emergency Notifications” option will open up the “Settings” on your iPhone. You can then manually turn notifications on or off. You will then have to manually go back into the myHOA® app, once you have made your selections.   To go back to myHOA®, simply PRESS on the home button on your iPhone, and then TAP the myHOA® app icon again to reopen the app.

For Android users, if you tap the Emergency Notifications ‘OFF’, your Smart Phone will no longer notify you when your Community Manager sends an Emergency Message.

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT recommend turning off Emergency Notifications for Android devices. Once the Emergency Notifications are TURNED OFF, the only way to enable them again, is to uninstall the app completely from your device, then reinstall the app and login again to your previously registered user account.


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