What are ‘Push Notifications’?

When you LOGIN for the first time, after you register, a popup appears and asking if you want to receive ‘Push Notifications’. Tapping “Yes” or “Ok” will allow you to receive Emergency Notifications from your Community Manager directly to your smart phone device.


A ‘Push Notification’ is an Emergency Notification that can ONLY be forwarded to you by your Community Manager. Examples of Emergency Notifications might be that crime has occurred in your community, street flooding is occurring in your community, or other important information that your Community Manager would like to immediately relay to the community homeowners.


If you tap on Yes, your phone will vibrate (and/or send an alert message to your screen), whether or not your myHOA® app is open, notifying you of an Emergency Message from your Community Manager.


A little myHOA® symbol, or the symbol of the "Powered by myHOA®" management company will appear in the Notifications Dropdown on the top of your phone (depending on your particular smart phone model). If you tap on the symbol, your Emergency Notification will appear, and the app will automatically be opened on your smart phone.

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