What if my user account has been BANNED or REMOVED?

If you try to log in to the myHOA® or "Powered by myHOA®" website or smart phone app, and you receive the message, "Your user account has been banned or removed, due to a violation of our policies", you will have to contact your Management Company to determine if your account can be reinstated.

Banned members can usually be reinstated back to their community network, after they have contacted their management to get information on why they had been banned.  Management of your HOA can reinstate your account.

Removed members have been removed due to non-compliance of our policies, illegal use, or another serious issue pertaining to their activity on the myHOA® software platform.  Removed members can contact us directly at removed@miriadtechnologies.com to appeal the status.  Please provide us with as much information about the situation that had occurred for your account being removed, as well as your contact information in the email.  

Miriad Technologies, LLC ultimately reserves the right to permanently remove any member for any reason at any time.  By using the myHOA® or "Powered by myHOA®", you irrevocably agree to these terms.

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